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Canned Fruit -Tastes Great, Easy to Serve, and Ready to Use. Frutin's canned fruits are great foods to have on hand! They will help you create quick salads and snacks, while adding taste and color to your meals. Put some Frutin's canned fruits on the shelf, ready to use when it's convenient for you.
Pineapple Slice
Frutin's pineapple slice is made out of the best in the lot of pineapples. The pineapples are then sliced horizontally so as to provide pieces with uniformity in size.
This can be conveniently used for desserts, appetizers, salads or as an ingredient for cooked dishes. Our canned pineapples have no added flavors or coloring and no artificial preservatives. It has longer shelf life and retain its freshness for longer period of time.

And don't forget it's healthy too!

Weight - 3.1 kg, 840 gm, 440gm Medium - Tin    
Pineapple Titbits
Frutin's pineapple titbits provide an effortless way to enjoy the refreshing taste of fruit. Each container holds delicious fruit picked at the very peak of ripeness. No artificial colors or flavors are added. Just the great taste of fruit, naturally.
Weight - 840 gm Medium - Tin    
Fruit Cocktail
Fruitin' s fruit cocktail is among one of our various specialties. It comprises of cherry, pineapple, papaya, grapes and pears, packed in great harmony. Our  fruit cocktail contains 500 gms of  fruit  as  compared  to  425  gms  of fruits  in  other  brands which is nearly 20% more i.e. our fruit cocktail is cheaper by 20%.
It is enjoyed and liked by everyone for its delicious taste and natural flavor.
Weight - 840 gm, 440gm Medium - Tin    
Red Cherries
Red is the color for romance and so is for cherry. The great looking seductive cherry without which every cake, every pastry is incomplete too comes under our brand. We buy the cherry straight from the growers in Kashmir so as to provide a product of utmost quality, which in turn helps you in creating your product with the highest freshness and appeal. Frutin's can promise a stable supply throughout the year even when there is a shortage or the crop is a failure. The supply for cherry especially is very hard to maintain by many brands which isn't a problem for us at all.

It contains low sugar percentage and is high in nutritive values. Best quality cherries are procured to process and pack so that its natural taste and flavor is maintained for longer period of time.

Weight - 830 gm Medium -Tin    
Frutin's canned litchi is offered with best quality litchi that provides its natural taste and flavor. These are packed from best quality of fruits procured from Bihar directly, which helps in retaining its nutrition value.
Weight - 800 gm Medium - Tin    
Mango Slices
Mangoes are a great nutritional bargain.  They have 50% more beta carotene than an equal-size serving of apricots, and 20% more than cantaloupe, enough to provide almost 80% of your vitamin A requirement.  They are also high in vitamin C.  In addition, they are a good source of potassium.
Mango in Brine is made from sound, clean, raw or sufficiently mature fruit of known variety of mangoes, like Totapuri and dussehri. The preparation process includes washing, peeling of semi ripe mangoes, and cutting in slices and stored in 13-16% brine solution with 1 % acetic acid. The process ensures that the natural flavor and aroma of the fruit is retained in the final product. Mango slices in brine is free from any pathogenic bacteria.
Weight - 840 gm Medium - Tin    
Frutin's Canned Peaches are incredibly versatile and are delicious served in savory dishes, or on your breakfast cereal to add an extra healthy touch to the start of the day. We offer high quality canned peaches. Our peaches are halves packed in sugar syrup which make them plumper and firmer.
Weight - 840 gm Medium - Tin    
Pears Slices
Frutins Canned Pears are Sun ripened in the fruit orchards of Himachal Pradesh & J&K and is a superb quality product. Always perfectly ripe, they are a convenient alternative to fresh, perfect with cream or ice cream.
Frutins uses the BABUGOSHA variety of pears from J&K. These are packed in month of August & September, unlike other fruit picked for canning pears are harvested early and are ripened under controlled conditions. This reduces bruising during pre-cannery handling and helps to ensure a smooth texture. The pears are washed, peeled and cored and graded by size as required.
Weight - 840 gm Medium - Tin    
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